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Ways to feel Warmer this Winter

Shorter days, yet I'm still losing sleep, as soon as the cold weather hits me I find it quite hard to maintain a positive routine. Whether it's my diet or keeping organised I tend to fall into a slump which can be hard to get out of. This past month I've seen so many dazzling sunsets… Continue reading Ways to feel Warmer this Winter

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After hearing about the London Pad Pop Up in London, I was thrilled and intrigued. Nastygal to me had always been this super trendy brand from across the pond. Their unique styles and party vibe made it an attractive brand to sample. I had years ago ordered a pair of sunglasses and ankle boots when there… Continue reading #NASTYGALSDOITBETTER

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A Week in Nigeria | The Journey

A 6-hour flight from London to Abuja; A 6-hour drive from Ibadan to Warri; 6 days total spent in one of the most vibrant and fast paced countries in the world, my week on the continent was jam-packed and truly eventful. Just over a month ago I travelled to Nigeria the fiery, populous and arguably… Continue reading A Week in Nigeria | The Journey

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Autumn Recipes | Sweet Potato & Sautéed Veg

A powerful antioxidant rich root vegetable high in Vitamin A, the humble sweet potato is the perfect food for when you get sugar cravings, it's great for delicious recipes, because of the various ways, you can cook them. Boiled, baked, juiced, fried, I've tried it every way yet still crave more methods of preparation to experiment with… Continue reading Autumn Recipes | Sweet Potato & Sautéed Veg

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Autumn Recipes | Fennel Fried Rice

Best from Autumn to early spring this crunchy, refreshing vegetable is light on the taste buds and a good source of fibre and vitamin C. With a flavour reminiscent of liquorice or anise when eaten raw, this often neglected vegetable has the versatility to be sauteed, braised or sliced up for salads. For this autumn-inspired recipe, I… Continue reading Autumn Recipes | Fennel Fried Rice

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Autumn Recipes | Zoodle Stir-fry

If you're looking for a satiating meal that's comforting and seasonal, then look no further. This simple zucchini or courgetti stir-fry is quick and easy to make for those colder evenings in. 

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My Go-to Autumnal Outfits

The chill of the season can often shift one's wardrobe from fun colours and playful prints to sombre greys and puffy coats but I've seen the trendy colour this season is audacious red. A statement outfit of all red might be startling to approach and too bold for some, but there are subtle ways to add… Continue reading My Go-to Autumnal Outfits